Viva la cucina!

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Mobilcucine is of Italian origin from which it has inherited the distinctive finesse and unique style. Having this heritage as a guide, our experienced designers create projects emphasizing on ergonomics and functionality, always respecting your special needs and personal taste.
Then, our manufacturing team ensures the high quality of finished products. Our creations are designed to withstand the test of time and changes in trends.


After work is completed, the specialized technicians undertake the task to place them wherever you desire rapidly, and consistently.
However, our work is not finished here. Mobilcucinewill always stand by your side, providing you with excellent servicing, suggestions for new additions or renovation and in general whatever our motto stands for:Viva la cucina! See also our suggestions for wardrobes, interior and security doors.


Our beliefs

We design our kitchens having as a priority each individual and its needs. The kitchen is the room where the family gets together, but also the workplace for the person who prepares the meals. Therefore, it must be multi-functional. Our specialized colleagues will listen carefully to you and then they will make a special suggestion, based on your personal needs.


1. Designing exclusively for you

Each room has its own needs and that is the reason why ready-made solutions do not always function. However, we examine in detail your kitchen and we make sure that the designing will adapt to your taste and requirements. Proper designing is the first, but most important step to make you cheer: Hurrah for kitchen!

2. Manufacturing quality

As manufacturers we can check up on every product at all stages of production. We develop our quality standards in order to perform the designing process consistently and ensure that our clients will be satisfied. Our manufacturing team guarantees the result of our creations and the after sale service.

3. We count on people

Staff members in our stores are experienced professionals who have technical knowledge and elegant taste. They love their job. They will communicate to you their experience and they will listen carefully. Our technical staff is specialized and is facilitated by modern material and technical equipment. When a project is finished, it makes us proud and it gives us deep satisfaction.

Why are we different?

We use excellent starting materials from the best manufacturers and we perform strict checks at all stages of production, in order to ensure the quality of the finished product.
We get constantly updated about new trends in designing, for our suggestions to be different and resistant.

We get constantly updated about new trends in designing, for our suggestions to be different and resistant.



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